Go2000 The way to go !

Physically, Go2000 is a collection of Go books. Each Go book is a database which is a collection of SGF records. Each book in the Go2000 has it's own index. An index is a collection of classes.

A class can be anything like: 'good move', 'bad move', 'tesuji', 'Chinese style', 'vital point', ' greedy ... and whatever you define. You are free to add, delete and rename classes. Any move can be classified into any class and the same class of moves in the database can be retrieved by selection of a class. There are two classification modes: fast classification and advance classification. In fast classification, moves are classified into a default class and in advance classification, moves are classified into the selected class.

Classification and retrieval are very easy - only one mouse click in fast classification and two mouse click in advance classification. De-classification is also supported. After moves retrieved, you are comfortable to browse the moves record by record. Each record will show exact the move you classified before. The same class of moves share some kind of similarity in the logical sense ,semantic sense or whatever. It is all up to you. In another word, classification is a kind of view or partition. This view can be changed by you or by your concept.

By using Go2000, you can not forget what you have thought and what you have learned and your strength in GO will be significantly improved!!

List of books and records

You can create,rename and delete book. Each book is a Go database.

View a record

Select a record from record list to view.

Classify Black 19 as invansion

Classify any move to any class.You can add,delete and rename class.

Retrieve moves from invansion class

Moves are retrieved as last-in and first out. De-classification is also supported. The following diagram is a demo, shows you what the 'Invasion' is. Actually, the balck 19 in previous diagram should be retrieved first. After retrieving moves from a class, use next or previous record button to browse moves.

Variety of record format

Create different records from 3X3 to 19X19. Add black and white stones, add marks and comment.

Browse to next record

Browsing next or previous record by one mouse click or select any record to view.

View muti records at same time

For record to record comparision. Each window can be resized.

Find Chun-Lan Cup with Lee Changho as Black player

Composite query. You can copy the query result to any book.